Smart Ink Coding Machine for Manufacture Date and Expiry Date

Smart Ink Coding Machine is Industrial Date coding machines that print various best before and expiry date information onto products, packaging and labels. Date coding of products – especially food, beverage and pharmaceutical products – is required by Kenyan regulations. Manufacturers also need marks, such as production date codes and batch codes, for their own internal tracking of production and logistics to ensure that products are shipped promptly to market. The date that a product is manufactured often determines a its expiration date, which is required to be prominently displayed on certain food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging and labelling.

KSh59,000.00 KSh60,000.00 Excl Vat


Smart Ink Coding Machine

Smart Ink Coding Machine  Description

  • Ink Coding Machine, Date Coder Printer , LED Screen Display ,Continue Handheld, Manufacture Expiry Date,

1: Fully automatic 600DPI high-definition printing date, text, two-dimensional code, bar code, graphics, supermarket price tags, support for dot-type code

2: It can be printed on a variety of materials, including paper, cartons, wood.

3: Support all kinds of color inkjet code, change different colors of ink on the line, paper and other absorbent products with water-based ink and other products with fast-drying ink

4: Touch screen, touch screen handwriting, USB interface, you can import graphics and files. Print 6 lines, print height 2-12.7 mm, do not blindly buy 4-25 mm height, if you do not need to print such a large word, buy back will not be able to use.

5: Support handheld printing and pipeline coding.

6. Fast drying cartridge. It’s black.

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