AM Standard Deactivator

Key Features

  • Used to deactivate AM tags
  • Frequency: 58KHZ
  • Detection range: 80mm
  • Working voltage: 18V
  • Color: black
  • Dimensions: 330 × 260 × 11 mm

KSh20,000.00 KSh25,000.00 Excl Vat


AM Standard Deactivator

AM Standard Deactivator review

The AM Standard Deactivator quickly and permanently deactivate any 58 KHz acusto-frequency (AM) security label at the point-of-sale (POS). An audible beep will indicate that the label has been permanently deactivated.

The AM Standard Deactivator is an essential accessory required with any AM EAS system where label protection is desired. The AM Standard Deactivator system combines reliable soft label deactivation with innovative features such as remote maintenance and data collection.

The AM Standard Deactivator deactivates active AM EAS labels up to four inches above the surface of the pad for a reliable and virtually seamless process while expediting throughput at the point-of-sale (POS). This unit uses a two-step detect and deactivate process. The integrated status indicators provide visual and audible notifications when live labels are successfully detected and deactivated. In addition, the deactivator acts as a double-checking device if an associate is ever uncertain whether the label was deactivated. The integrated keypad allows associates to control the volume and tone of the deactivator to distinguish it from other POS equipment. The keypad also initiatess the “power-save” mode to help prevent theft by turning the unit off. With a variety of installation options available – countertop, vertical and flush mount – the sleek design and small footprint maximizes POS counter space. The Value Pad operates off an ordinary electrical outlet and does not require a separate controller. When connected to a compatible EAS data management device, real-time deactivation counts can be generated into user-friendly customizable reports to provide business-critical data.

  • Scan-enable functionality only deactivates labels with a valid barcode
  • Slim design allows maximum use of POS space
  • EAS connectivity option allows for generation of operational information to help quickly identify and correct performance
  • Built-in audible and visual indicators provide immediate feedback when active labels are detected and deactivated
  • The working frequency of AM Standard Deactivator is 58kHz and it is compatible with all AM Systems and Labels. It is equipped with a key lock for controlled access.
  • The new functional design of the Deactivator consists of 3 LED status indicators as well as a lockable power switch.

The AM Standard Deactivator Deactivation occurs automatically after a label is presented. After deactivation, a green light and buzzer notify the user about a successful deactivation. A red light and buzzer notify the user about a failed deactivation. The optional notification box can easily be connected to the deactivator unit through its extension cable. The notification box also contains a green and red LED and a buzzer and will provide the visual and audible notifications. Furthermore, it is equipped with a key switch, which allows store employees to disable deactivation in those moments that employees are not present at the cash desk This to avoid unauthorised deactivation by nonstore employees or to use the deactivator as a Double Checker. The AM Deactivator XAMD-1 is designed to be mounted recessed in the desktop. Its small height and smooth surface provide easy and non-obstructed deactivation of secured items. The optional notification box can be applied to provide the necessary deactivation feedback.

AM Standard Deactivator Specs

  • Attractive design.
  • Digital control through advanced analysis system (DSP).
  • High Deactivation Range.
  • Deactivations counter.
  • Management of Security to avoid false or improper deactivations.
  • Verifier of not deactivated tags.
  • Fast and easy synchronization with other AM 58 khz systems
  • Measurement: 145 x 255 x 65 mm

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