4GB DDR3 1333/10600mhz Laptop

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Basic Features

4GB DDR3 1333/10600mhz Laptop

Form Factor SO-DIMM
RAM Memory Technology DDR3
Computer Memory Size 4GB
Number of Pins 204

About 4GB DDR3 1333/10600mhz Laptop

  • 4GB ( 1x 8GB Module ) | DDR3 1333 MHz ( PC3-10600 / PC3-10600S ) | DDR3 SO-DIMM ( 204-Pin ) | Non-ECC Unbuffered | 2Rx8 – Dual Rank x8 | 1.5V – DDR3 Standard Voltage
  • High-performance Memory RAM upgrade designed for DDR3 SODIMM compatible Laptop, Notebook, & All in One (AIO) computers
  • Boosts the performance of your system by speeding up loading times, improving system responsiveness, and increasing your system’s ability to handle greater workloads
  • All modules undergo quality assurance testing to ensure dependable and reliable performance | Please verify the supported memory (RAM) specifications of your system prior to purchase to ensure compatibility
Generations of memory explained
For double-data-rate memory, the higher the number, the faster the memory and higher bandwidth.
Occasionally DDR memory is referred to by a “friendly name” like “DDR3-1066” or “DDR4-4000.
” When written this way, the number after “DDR” represents the generation.
The number after the generation refers to the component’s data transfer rate per second (/s).
When referenced by the industry name, the numbers that follow “PC” and the generation refer to the total bandwidth of the module