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    Bill Counter 5800 money counting machine

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    Bill Counter 5800D money counting machine

      • Bill counter 5800D is equipped with Double-notes detection which allows the system to identify and reject instances where two banknotes are stuck together or fed into the machine simultaneously.
      • This Bill counter 5800D money counter features Automatic half-note detection or torn banknotes and alert the user or reject them to ensure accurate counting.
      • This Bill counter 5800D  has UV (ultraviolet) and MG (magnetic) automatic detection are commonly used to identify specific security features on banknotes. UV detection involves analyzing the fluorescent properties of banknote elements, while MG detection analyzes the magnetic properties. Automatic detection of UV and MG features helps in detecting counterfeit banknotes.
      • This Bill counter 5800D money counter is equipped with automation features to start counting when banknotes are inserted, stop when the counting is complete, and clear/reset the count for subsequent operations.
      • Batching, adding, and self-examination functions; Batching allows the user to specify a certain number of banknotes to be counted as a group. Adding enables the system to accumulate multiple counts, providing a total count. Self-examination refers to built-in diagnostics that can check the counter’s functionality and alert the user if any issues are detected.
      • The counter typically has a display panel on both the front and side, providing clear visibility of the counting process and results from different angles.
      • This Bill counter 5800D has LCD color change to red when detecting a fake note
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